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Modular Loading Dock at 2EXCELLOGISTICS

Darmax’s safe installation enables key worker compliance at 2ExcelLogistics

Darmax’s safe installation enables key worker compliance at 2ExcelLogistics2ExcelLogistics, the customer-orientated haulage and warehousing operation with a food supply chain focus, has safely achieved completion on a Darmax modular loading dock installation in challenging times, with all teams involved working compliantly to meet social distancing guidelines.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the national and international logistics firm had been celebrating the success of winning a major 10-year food supply contract, which necessitated the purchase of a larger and higher specification operation close to its existing fulfilment centre in Letchworth Hertfordshire. This new facility was to become 2Excel’s flagship operation, enabling it to be fully BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standards) Food Safety accredited, offer barcode scanning, and become WMS (Warehouse Management Software) integrated. Having found the perfect location and size of building, 2Excel Logistics was faced with the challenge that the warehouse had no loading docks, only level access doors – a problem often faced by logistics companies.

Loading solutions in challenging times

To deliver the best operational performanceand highest loading equipment compliancy standards, Justin Wilkie, Managing Director at 2Excel, began researching appropriate modular dock systems and installation solutions.  He found loading specialist Darmax online and was impressed with the options the manufacturer could supply.

James Corfield from Darmax Ltd. presented Justin with plans to design, manufacture and install a loading solution for the new warehouse. The blueprints incorporated a bespoke modular dock system, designed so handball tip containers and traditional curtain sided vehicles could be unloaded in the warehouse, whilst complying with BRC regulations.

The plans fulfilled all 2Excel’s loading requirements and included intelligent detailing such as fully enclosed external cladding around the front of the dock for pest control purposes anda traffic light system to enhance driver safety.

“Darmax’s modular dock system design was visually stunning,” Justin remarks, “and looked set to deliver in terms of improved efficiencies surrounding unloading loose containers.”

Front line need

However, concerns for the project’s realisation arose as the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown situation began to unfold. With 80 percent of the 2Excel’s business involved in food chain supply, finding a route to complete the warehouse installation became essential to supporting the company’s logistical capabilities.

“James was close to having the final warehouse installation plans in place, just before the country’s lockdown guidelines were announced,” Justin explains.

“As our business plays a vital part in distributing food products to major retailers and supply chains, we were fearful that the unfolding situation could adversely affect our essential distribution chains.”

Concerned for the situation and his company’s operating prospects, Justin explained the weight of the circumstances to the Darmax team:

“James was fully on board with the concept of installing the loading bay on the planned date, and was confident that the engineers could work within safe social distancing guidelines so our operation – which had fast become a frontline service – could continue functioning effectively.

“Darmax’s efforts were exceptional and meticulously planned. In a situation where some installers would have run from the logistical difficulties caused by COVID-19, James and the rest of the team made helping us their priority.

“The installation took place in the last week of April and was safe, conscientious and professional. From the delivery of equipment to site, to the final safety checks and sign-off, everyone worked respectfully and fully respected the recommended social distancing measures.”

Installation success

“As a result, our operation now has an impressive installation of loading equipment capable of achieving exactly what I was hoping for,” Justin adds. “It has given us the ability to work effectively in this crisis, load and unload more vehicles per day and heighten pest control measures to achieve vital BRCGS compliancy.

“We’ve been delighted with the equipment, it’s function and Darmax’s commitment to getting the job done safely. Their care and conscientious approach have enabled our company to continue working against the odds, in a time when our industry is so heavily relied upon.

“I am extremely proud of each member of the 2Excel team across all depots and departments.  For the first time during my 28 years in the industry, our operatives have been classed as ‘key workers’. Every single person has stepped up to the plate and worked above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected to ensure that supplies are distributed for the benefit of the nation.”

James Corfield comments from Darmax’s perspective, adding, “We’ve been living through an immense period of concern and change, where it has become a national priority to stay safe whilst enabling essential logistical itinerates and care servicesto operate at an increased pace.

“Working safely is and has always been Darmax’s operational mainstay and incorporating social distancing measures within our approach has been second nature.  We’re extremely pleased to hear that 2Excel has been impressed with both our performance procedures and modular dock capabilities. To learn that our designs and loading equipment function are helping people whom the country simply couldn’t be without at this time is extremely rewarding and we’re grateful for the opportunity to play our part.”

Lightweight Platform at Wincanton

Wincanton’s “first class” loading solution, delivered by Darmax

UK logistics giant Wincanton has become among the latest organisations to benefit from the delivery of a Darmax UK Ltd Lightweight Platform for the loading and unloading of vehicles.


The customer focused warehousing and transport firm which manages more than 200 sites across the country, recently structured a facility relocation – transferring one of its operations to a new, ground level warehouse.
Site preparation for the new premises had to meet with Wincanton’s exacting operating standards and be complete within a tight logistical timescale of just six weeks. To help keep to the schedule and deliver effective loading and unloading practice – whilst maintaining the safety and protection of both employees and goods – Wincanton’s warehouse team, headed by General Manager, Ian Broomhead, had to source a suitable, easily manoeuvrable solution at speed:
“We were looking for a lightweight platform that could be manufactured and delivered within just a few weeks,” Ian explains.


“Having experienced first class results from a previous Darmax loading equipment installation at our Portbury Depot, I got back in touch to explain our latest requirements.”
Together, James and Ian discussed the advantages of employing a Darmax Lightweight Mobile Platform within the new premises.


The proposed platform solution – which included safety barriers and handrails as standard -could easily be positioned directly behind a vehicle’s container to provide a solid platform on which pallets could be placed. From here a pallet could be safely lifted to the ground using a forklift truck.
The platform would feature a hinged barrier with a gas spring mechanism that could lock into place to enhance safety in both a raised and lowered position; whilst chain hooks and tensioning brackets would serve to connect the platform to the vehicle where possible. The addition of an anti-slip coating to the platform surface further ensured safe working conditions for the operators.
Available in standard sizes 2.4 x 2.5m and 2.4 x 3.6m, the platform would provide Wincanton with a height adjustable, 2,000kg working load area, with forklift truck pockets to help facilitate quick and safe vehicle positioning.
“James’ input was first class and the schedule he presented was well-timed,” Ian continues. “The platform scheme met all our loading requirements and would work exactly as we needed it to; facilitating the unloading of pallets and enabling side forklift access when needed for safe, even lifting.


“It presented an ideal solution, which suited our logistics, and the addition of the locking swivel castors gave even more flexibility to move the platform if a fork truck was not available.”


James Corfield has been pleased to learn that his consultation and site expertise have paid dividend to Wincanton’s warehouse relocation.


Wincanton is a company that prides itself on the committed approach it takes to achieving continuous improvements throughout its operation, so it’s rewarding to be considered as a trusted supplier, capable of helping the organisation deliver on that goal.


“The platform has been successful and a further demonstration that Darmax loading solutions can meet the exact needs of individual clients to deliver improved operational results.”

Darmax loading ramp at Leader Distribution Ltd


National and global distribution and storage specialist Leader Distribution Ltd, has announced that it has finally acquired the extra space it needs to install its long-coveted Darmax loading ramp.


Operating from two major warehouses both located close to the M62 & M1 motorways – midway between Manchester and Leeds-Leader Distribution has been successfully supplying storage solutions and distribution services to its international client base since 1999.


With customers including the world’s largest supplier of textile dyestuffs, Leader Distribution uses the services of well-established transport carriers for both parcel and pallet deliveries, however up until now, has been unable to facilitate containers with pallets at its warehouses due to limited space.



To date, Leader has operated by instructing freight forwarders involved in its logistics services to unload shipments themselves, before transporting the contents over to Leader using curtain sided vehicles. The contents would subsequently be unloaded by hand and pallet truck at Leader’s warehouse sites.


“For many years we had a loading ramp on a ‘wish list’ of items we thought would be beneficial to the business,” explains Norman Smith, Managing Director.  “Unfortunately, up until the end of last year, we did not have the space to safely store such apparatus when not in use.


“Recently however, a reorganisation process left us with extra space in the warehouse, and the potential to overcome this problem.  It gave us the green-light to look at loading ramp options currently available on the market.”


Norman took the opportunity to visit a company close by, which already had a Darmax ramp installation up-and-running.


He arranged for James Corfield from Darmax to discuss the ramp equipment options available to Leader Distribution, and the operational aspects that he and the team would need to consider.


“After speaking with James, we ran our idea of purchasing a Darmax ramp past one of our customers; an international client that brings its palletised goods into the UK in containers, that at the time, we were unable to handle directly.


“Our client immediately saw the benefits of implementing the Darmax ramp; not only saving costs, but also reducing both the time spent handling goods and the risk of damaging deliveries.


“With so much in the ramp’s favour we wasted no further time, and placed an order for an integrated entry, standard ramp with James.”


The ramp, which has been designed for use within the majority of loading situations, represents Darmax’s most economic solution for standard use.


Operated using a hydraulic system and double acting manual handpump, the ramp features a serrated open grid deck – designed to allow positive traction in all weather conditions – and a full width, 300mm deep exit lip – to assist positioning into vehicles and trailers.


With 300mm high side rails, and 1.8 m of safety chain on each side of the apparatus, the ramp is proven to be safe, secure and noticeably enabling.


“We’re delighted with the equipment,” Norman continues, “and have been using it since the beginning of the year.


“We’re pleased to say that we’ve had absolutely no problems or operational issues with the Darmax kit, and, that the customer whose advice we took before securing the ramp’s purchase is more than happy with the improved service we’re able to provide; a service which importantly, we are now in the position to offer to new customers.


“The ramp purchase has been a great decision, and the buying process smooth and efficient; leading me to say that I would have no hesitation in recommending a Darmax ramp to anyone looking to purchase similar equipment.”

Lightweight Mobile Platform at Miniclipper Logistics


Miniclipper Logistics, the expanding haulage operation, comprising a distribution centre, 300,000 sq. foot warehousing facility and a 40-strong articulated vehicle fleet, has further improved the health and safety element of its loading function with the installation of two purpose-built Darmax Lightweight Mobile Platforms.


The platforms, which have been designed for use at the company’s head office and Dunstable site, will deliver heightened loading safety practices, guard against operator accidents and increase loading and unloading efficiencies for the fast-growing transportation firm.


Equidistant between London and Birmingham, Bedfordshire based Miniclipper Logistics operates between several sites, each situated close to the M1. Together, the company’s facilities and location, combined with professional standards and reputation enable it to attract clients from a broad spectrum of business sectors including retail, clothing, foods, raw materials, packaged chemicals and industrial products.


An approved pallet carrier for Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Waitrose, the company has built its client capabilities considerably over recent years and has successfully evolved into a 24-hour operation.


Business growth has led Miniclipper Logistics to further demonstrate its high-principled safety standards, with the new Darmax loading platforms representing the latest warehousing safety addition.


The apparatus supplied has been designed for use in conjunction with fork lift trucks. Pockets feature at the sides of the platforms to enable fork lift drivers to reposition with ease, whilst hinged barriers with gas springs allow for goods to be safely lowered onto / off the platform.


Other features include ladders with twin hinged barriers to the opening, height adjustable legs, heavy duty castors for easy movement, and chains, hooks and tensioning brackets to connect the platforms to vehicles.


Commenting on the company’s decision to bring the new, safety loading equipment on board, Miniclipper’s Easter Avenue Warehouse Manager, Stuart Mellors said:
“The past two years have seen us continue to secure contracts from larger customers, generating a progression that has prompted the evaluation of our warehouse loading processes.


“Having personally worked within the logistics industry for 15 years, I know the Darmax brand well, and that settling for a ‘cheaper’ platform alternative would not have provided us with the quality-standard and long-lasting equipment we were looking for.


“We needed solutions that would provide safe spaces for our operatives to palletise loose goods, in situ, enabling staff to prepare and pack a multitude of consignments ranging from electrical items through to prepacked long-life food products.


“Working at a raised level could increase the risk of accident, however the Darmax platforms feature safe, secure physical elements; including railings, barriers and bridge plates, each designed to negate the risk of operatives, or heavy pallets falling.


“Not only do the platforms’ heighten our safety protocols, but the equipment’s stated load capacity rates help us to continually support our insurance requirements,” Stuart continues. He goes on to say that he has been extremely satisfied with the customer service his company has received since the beginning of its working experience with Darmax.


“We’ve been very pleased with the customer experience provided by James Corfield at Darmax. We reached a mutually beneficial agreement and have received two very high-quality products. James’ strong communication capabilities and clear understanding of our requirements, have resulted in the supply of Darmax platforms that had been scoped and spec’ed to match our precise needs, enabling better working function and cost-saving results. Suffice to say, should our prerequisite for further loading bay solutions continue in the future, we would return to Darmax. Absolutely.”