Darmax installs largest single modular dock unit for supermarket chain - Darmax
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Darmax installs largest single modular dock unit for supermarket chain

DARMAX has installed its largest single bespoke modular dock to date, to support the efficient, environmentally friendly and safe loading and unloading activities of a major supermarket chain.

Bespoke modular dock for supermarket


As the success of a leading supermarket created further store openings, it required a sustainable solution to deal with packaging returns from stores. The customer’s key aims were to minimise waste and lower carbon miles, so they looked for a solution within their existing warehouse site.


Having researched the market DARMAX UK Ltd was identified as the chosen provider. The large, bespoke modular dock system was designed and manufactured and installed in Kent earlier this year.


Incorporating seven Loading Dock positions with barriers and seven collection points at the rear the platform which measured 31 metres wide by 13 metres deep from front to back, providing space for compactors and sorting of packaging. The modular dock systems comprised 44 modules and a deluxe, type 7-yard ramp with access steps. A safety barrier was also installed on every dock opening along the back edge, so a forklift truck could operate at ground level, allowing existing docks within the main warehouse to provide deliveries to new stores in the area.


For additional improved safety and visibility, traffic lights were installed on every loading dock linked to the barrier. Dock lights were included, angled to shine into the back of lorries so operators were able to see what they were doing in the dark. Floodlights were also installed on posts so that operations could take place 24-7.


James Corfield, Director at DARMAX, said: “This bespoke, modular dock is the largest platform we have ever delivered in a single unit. Following extensive consultation and bespoke manufacturing, the unit took only two weeks to install, without the need for expensive and time-consuming civil works.”


“It has enabled the customer to maximise existing loading facilities to optimise functionality and flexibility, delivering exceptional value for money. The semi-permanent nature of the system allows for greater flexibility, because it can be easily relocated if required. The modular dock allows safe access into various types of vehicles, including those where a standard yardramp cannot be used.”


“Compared to the equivalent costs of required civil engineering work, modular dock systems offer customers significant value for money.”


When compared to a traditional dugout loading dock, modular docks offer customers simple solutions negating planning issues, drainage concerns and the huge costs of returning premises back to their original configuration at the end of a lease.


DARMAX’s bespoke design service allowed the scheme to be specified exactly as required. Detailed CAD drawings and rendered images were included as standard during the process, prior to production starting.


James Corfield commented: “To be trusted to assist this client again shows how much the quality of our products stand out in the industry. It proves that if you provide quality solutions at a fair and reasonable price that customers will choose a quality solution that they can justify from an economic point of view.”


“This was another great collaboration to deliver an efficient, high-quality loading and unloading system for a nationwide retailer. DARMAX has received some excellent feedback to date and we are already working on our next project together.”