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Loading Bay Solutions

We currently have a selection of container loading ramps in-stock now (for both sale and rental), available for speedy delivery. Contact us now for details.


How to unload and load a container safely and quickly with just one person


We understand that time very often means money when it comes to loading and unloading delivery vehicles. However, we also know that in the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous environment of a warehouse, safety should always be the number one priority. Marrying these two aspects requires design and understanding.
We are often asked if there is a way for just one person to load or unload a vehicle both safely and efficiently, saving personnel hours and consequently money. The answer is yes. A high-quality loading ramp, specifically tailored to your business needs.


Your business, your loading ramp

Choosing the right loading ramp can be confusing and a challenge, and may result in the purchase of a less than adequate solution. Here at Darmax, we consider your entire loading and unloading process, from the moment a delivery arrives, to its departure, as well as reviewing your facility and how your operators work on a day-to-day basis. This gives us a more rounded, transparent view of your business, enabling us to provide the most appropriate advice.
One of the simplest ways to enable your employees to work independently, yet remain safe, is by using a mobile container ramp.


Manoeuvrable, mobile, safe

Mobile yard ramps are ideal for both sustained periods of activity or occasional use. They can be manoeuvred into position quickly and easily, and once in place can be used by a single operative to load and unload goods. They are particularly useful when no loading dock is available.


Access on a lower level

There are times when your facility just doesn’t allow fork lift trucks and personnel to easily reach and service those vehicles that can’t be end loaded on a dock. Using a ramp to convert a loading dock into an “access” in and out of your building, is a simple and straightforward way to improve the flexibility of your facility.


Quality as standard

A well-designed loading ramp suited to your needs and facility, will enable an operator to unload or load a container with the minimum of effort, and with maximum safety. All our ramps, regardless of shape or style, are manufactured here in the UK to the highest quality and comply with EU standards, carrying the CE mark where applicable.
Call us today on 07464 327629 for free, no obligation advice and find out how you can enable your staff to work more efficiently and safely.