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No Loading Dock

How to load and unload all types of vehicles when you have no loading dock

The logistics sector is a constantly evolving, and challenging, industry. With many customers now demanding faster turnaround times, such as next day – or even same day – deliveries, company owners are having to rethink their business models. Many are using smaller delivery vehicles to allow them to get to customers more quickly, whilst others are using larger delivery lorries to accommodate the increased demand and enable them to carry more goods. Regardless of which direction they go, warehouse owners and logistics companies are having to accommodate these vehicles when it comes to loading and unloading.

One size does not always fit all

A dedicated loading dock would have the capability of accommodating these vehicles.
However, many warehouses do not have a fixed loading dock. This could be due to the cost of creating one, or that the layout of the warehouse and its surrounding area is not conducive to such an installation. Either way, the lack of a loading dock can cause problems for many companies.
Darmax has worked with many businesses which are facing this challenge and has successfully helped them overcome it. The answer is a Modular Loading Dock System.

Modular Loading System

Our modular loading systems comprise of a loading ramp, loading platform, and a dock leveller. However, each system is a bespoke creation tailored specifically to your business needs, usage, and environment. These loading systems require no planning permission or invasive civil works, yet function in the same way as a loading dock, making them a viable alternative to a fixed dock.
As well as giving you the ability to load and unload various sized delivery vehicles, the benefits of a Modular Loading System are numerous:

  • These are semi-permanent structures, providing you with greater future flexibility
  • They can be operated by one person
  • They are individually designed to suit your specific requirements
  • They provide a safer working environment for your operators
  • The time taken to unload any vehicle is greatly reduced using this system

Darmax can help you tackle any vehicle which arrives at your warehouse efficiently and effectively. Simply call us today, on 07464 327629, for further information and advice.