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Bridging the Gap

How to safely bridge the gap between your building and the delivery vehicle


How to successfully bridge the height difference, which can often exist between a delivery vehicle and a loading dock, is a widespread problem. If not dealt with correctly it can impede the loading and unloading process, making it slower, more inefficient and, at times, unsafe.


To help you overcome this issue, Darmax has created several solutions ā€“ with its knowledgeable team on hand to advise on the best one for you and your business.


On a level

Dock levellers are a permanent solution to bridging the gap on the loading dock. There are many variations available each perfectly suited to a specific application:

  • Electro Hydraulic Dock Levellers are manufactured with a self-supporting sub frame before being
  • fitted into a pre-prepared pit. These levellers are powered by a low pressure hydraulic system for ease of operation and maintenance
  • The Edge of Dock Leveller is a less invasive option as it can be fitted to an existing loading dock. Manually operated by a removable operation lever, this leveller is ideally suited to occasional use
  • For those smaller applications, the Mini Dock Leveller is perfect. It is delivered already assembled and therefore can be installed with the minimum amount of work and


Another cost-effective way of safely bridging the gap for smaller applications is with dock plates, dock boards and hinged bridgeplates.

Dock plates are more typically used for lighter jobs such asĀ loading with pallet trucks, sack trucks andĀ rollĀ cages,Ā as well as for pedestrian access.

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium to the highest standard, these plates feature an anti-slip surface and come bevelled and crowned for a smoother operation.Ā For more heavy-duty applications a dock board is more suitable.


Our dock boards carry all the same features as our dock plates, but with the added extra of steel safety curbs. With a larger capacity, the dock board is also able to carry more weight enabling fork lift trucks to run safely over it.


A hinged bridgeplate is fixed to the edge of the loading dock and acts as a drawbridge. The plate can be moved along the dock to different loading positions, making it an extremely, strong and flexible loading solution.

The right solution for the right job ā€“ let us help

Ensuring you purchase the most appropriate solution for the job is key, and there are many things to consider before making your final choice. This is where Darmax and its team of skilled advisors can help. Call 07464 327 629 now to find out how we help you.

Electro-Hydraulic Dock Leveller at Darmax
Edge of Dock Leveller Darmax