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How to address environmental issues on your loading dock

Maintaining a consistent temperature within a warehouse is a prominent issue for many companies. Achieving it, on the other hand, can be a challenge.
There are some businesses that require a constant temperature due to the nature of the goods they handle and store. For example, they may made need to maintain a particularly cool or warm environment to ensure their goods remain in the best possible condition.
Other businesses wish to maintain a steady temperature to help conserve energy within the warehouse environment. By controlling the temperature within a building, businesses can better control their energy costs, which helps with budgetary plans and can ultimately help to save money.
Further reasons to address environmental issues on the dock, is simply to protect employees, vehicles and goods from the elements, be that wind, rain or heat, and create a safer working environment.
Correct environmental separation will also minimise pest and contamination ingress into the building so protecting products, quality control systems and productivity.
After working with many customers on this issue, we know that one of the easiest methods of creating a consistent temperature and controlling pest and contaminant ingress is to use dock shelters and dock seals.

Dock Shelter

Our dock shelters are specifically designed to protect operators and goods from inclement weather conditions and temperature fluctuations during the loading and unloading processes. Not only does this keep your employees and customers happy, but it also helps to maintain a consistent temperature within your building helping to keep energy bills on an even keel.
The dock shelters have also been designed to be collapsible and will fold back to the wall if hit by a vehicle, rather than remaining static like a traditional fixed frame design. This helps to protect both the dock shelter and the delivery vehicle from considerable damage.

Dock Seal

A dock seal is an affordable and simple, yet effective, solution to providing a consistent seal around your loading dock and the delivery vehicle. Constructed from flexible foam with PVC covers on a seasoned timber backing board, the dock seal is a strong, reliable alternative to a dock shelter.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

An Inflatable dock shelter can provide a virtually airtight seal around your vehicle. With Inflatable sides and a head curtain it gives maximum flexibility for diverse vehicles using your loading dock. Providing full access to the vehicle there are no obstacles to the loading process to cause potential product damage. The tight seal is particularly useful for maintaining temperature control and minimising pest ingress to food facilities.
For further information about dock shelters and dock seals, as well as alternative solutions to help you address environmental issues within your loading dock, call Darmax today on 07464 327629.