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Working at Height

How to resolve those “working at height” issues when unloading a container

When a fixed loading dock is unavailable, and delivery vehicles are being loaded and unloaded wherever possible, there becomes a real risk to safety. Attempting to unload vehicles, particularly larger ones, often means working at height, and without the appropriate equipment this can be extremely dangerous. It can also be inefficient and unproductive.
However, here at Darmax we understand that this is a real-world problem. With many businesses not being able to afford the cost of creating a permanent loading dock, unloading and loading vehicles where they stand is an everyday occurrence. This is where Darmax can help.

A lightweight loading solution

Our lightweight loading platform will enable your operatives to load and unload a vehicle, wherever it stands, quickly, effectively, and, more importantly, safely.
The lightweight, yet strong, structure can be positioned with a fork lift truck or manually via heavy weight castors with the minimum of effort, making it ideal for when loading and unloading takes place in different locations. It’s height adjustable legs, which range from 1,100mm to 1,550mm, makes accessing vehicles with various bed heights straightforward and safe.

Safety first

The lightweight loading platform also comes with access ladders and handrails, as well as an optional anti-slip surface, all of which provides operatives with confidence when working at height, and you with the peace of mind that your employees are safe and able to carry out their work to the best of their ability.
To find out how you can resolve your “working at height” issues, call us now on 07464 327629 and speak to our knowledgeable team.