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National and global distribution and storage specialist Leader Distribution Ltd, has announced that it has finally acquired the extra space it needs to install its long-coveted Darmax loading ramp.


Operating from two major warehouses both located close to the M62 & M1 motorways – midway between Manchester and Leeds-Leader Distribution has been successfully supplying storage solutions and distribution services to its international client base since 1999.


With customers including the world’s largest supplier of textile dyestuffs, Leader Distribution uses the services of well-established transport carriers for both parcel and pallet deliveries, however up until now, has been unable to facilitate containers with pallets at its warehouses due to limited space.



To date, Leader has operated by instructing freight forwarders involved in its logistics services to unload shipments themselves, before transporting the contents over to Leader using curtain sided vehicles. The contents would subsequently be unloaded by hand and pallet truck at Leader’s warehouse sites.


“For many years we had a loading ramp on a ‘wish list’ of items we thought would be beneficial to the business,” explains Norman Smith, Managing Director.  “Unfortunately, up until the end of last year, we did not have the space to safely store such apparatus when not in use.


“Recently however, a reorganisation process left us with extra space in the warehouse, and the potential to overcome this problem.  It gave us the green-light to look at loading ramp options currently available on the market.”


Norman took the opportunity to visit a company close by, which already had a Darmax ramp installation up-and-running.


He arranged for James Corfield from Darmax to discuss the ramp equipment options available to Leader Distribution, and the operational aspects that he and the team would need to consider.


“After speaking with James, we ran our idea of purchasing a Darmax ramp past one of our customers; an international client that brings its palletised goods into the UK in containers, that at the time, we were unable to handle directly.


“Our client immediately saw the benefits of implementing the Darmax ramp; not only saving costs, but also reducing both the time spent handling goods and the risk of damaging deliveries.


“With so much in the ramp’s favour we wasted no further time, and placed an order for an integrated entry, standard ramp with James.”


The ramp, which has been designed for use within the majority of loading situations, represents Darmax’s most economic solution for standard use.


Operated using a hydraulic system and double acting manual handpump, the ramp features a serrated open grid deck – designed to allow positive traction in all weather conditions – and a full width, 300mm deep exit lip – to assist positioning into vehicles and trailers.


With 300mm high side rails, and 1.8 m of safety chain on each side of the apparatus, the ramp is proven to be safe, secure and noticeably enabling.


“We’re delighted with the equipment,” Norman continues, “and have been using it since the beginning of the year.


“We’re pleased to say that we’ve had absolutely no problems or operational issues with the Darmax kit, and, that the customer whose advice we took before securing the ramp’s purchase is more than happy with the improved service we’re able to provide; a service which importantly, we are now in the position to offer to new customers.


“The ramp purchase has been a great decision, and the buying process smooth and efficient; leading me to say that I would have no hesitation in recommending a Darmax ramp to anyone looking to purchase similar equipment.”